Thursday, July 26, 2012

Buttoned Kitchen Towels

I folded over a normal size kitchen towel, just in half and added a little more length on the front side of the towel and added a big button.  You do have to cut a hole for the button and do a button stitch around the whole to keep it from fraying apart. This has helped me keep the towels from ended up all over my floor or kitchen counters.  Mine is not super professional looking but it does the job.

Plastic Garbage Bag Holder

I used a piece of fabric, not very big. Put elastic around the bottom and did a regular stitch on top and added the ribbon for a hanger.  This helps me keep them stored away.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Angry Birds Party

Here were a few fun games we did for Owen's birthday party which wasn't too expensive.
 Basic party hats, we then added a sticker to each.

 Cool sling shots I found at the Dollar Store and added another sticker.  We used these to knock down a tower we built with small wooden blocks.

 Frisbee shooters we used for the target below.  We took turns shooting them to see how many points we could earn.  Again from the dollar store with stickers.

We went on a golden egg hunt and found small angry bird erasers inside.  I used plastic easter eggs, spray painted them gold with a clear coat over top.  If there is not a clear coat top the gold gets all over your hands. 

We had helium in these balloons and tied them to a brick we used and tied around them.  We used small water guns to see if we could shoot at them all.  Bigger water guns would have been better and more balloons. Some of them popped from the wind. 

Girl party hats

For a princess themed party we made these party hats out of foam paper, beads hot glued on, curling ribbon tied in a knot and threaded through the tops with a ribbon to hold in on their heads.  They were so fun and are reusable.

Bat Costume and Johnny- the Karate Kid

When I was little I always thought home made was lame, but I've come to find out it is way cheap and pretty fun. Last halloween we made Berkley a simple bat costume with a leotard and skirt, with wings were I sewed a place for her arm to slip through and then the other part would just hang.  This way she could flap her wings.  We found a cute mask with bat ears also.  

Owen was Johnny from the Karate Kid, thus the head band.  He had this halloween shirt and I made some black pants, like a pj pattern out of cotton material and used felt to trace and cut out the bones for his legs.

Jewlery Organizer

So I just found a board I had in the garage, painted it black with craft paint, put nails in it where I thought it would work well and spray painted a clear coat I had on it.  Nice that I had all this stuff at home.

A Little Bit of Everything Crafts

I want to have a blog where I can show pictures and posts about things I do that are fun for me.