Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Red Heart Earrings

Here is my small craft contribution to Valentine's Day!!

To make these small heart earrings I bought a string of heart beads at Michaels, used 4 silver beads, 2 headpins and 2 earwires. 
Who doesn't love the dark red for Valentine's day?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Dinner Decision Maker

I admit I am not a great cook and I am even worse at deciding what to have for dinner.  I have been inspired by a few different blog posts of a dinner calendar. Honestly that is to big of a commitment for me. After much contemplation on how I can become a better dinner maker I have decided all I needed help with is ideas of what to make for dinner.  I have plenty of cookbooks and recipes but I needed ones my family would eat.  So I went through the cookbooks and recipes I used the most. I used regular cardstock and cut them into strips all the same color.  I then wrote all main dishes I knew I would have stuff for on a regular basis, fairly simple dishes and ones we would eat, (at least my husband and I). I also wrote out names of green salads and jello salads for those Sunday dishes I could share with our extended family when needed. 

 I then put together this cute little box made out of three pieces of 4x6 cardstock paper so I could divide up my meals and salads and also a place where I could put "have made" dishes so I wouldn't be doing the same dishes over and over again. 
 This way I can pull out my main dish cards, hang them on my refrigerator and choose however many I want for the week and if needed buy ingredients for those meals and I can decide what to do when I want to.
  I know I will have the things I need to make what I have on my cards.  Because these are things I like to eat and make it will be easier to have all these ideas in one place, I hope this will make the idea process a little easier, now all I will have to do is to decide which meal I will choose, but the main thing is I have all my ideas that I know we will eat in one place.
Here is my little idea box nesting in the corner of my kitchen window.  I am really excited to try this out and see how long it lasts, I hope this is a keeper. :)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Some New Jewelry Creations

 This light blue/teal necklace is made from head pins and glass beads.  These are somewhat time consuming but I think they turn out great. 

 For these super light dangle earrings I used beading wire and a crimp bead at top to secure these.  They turn out to be a fun teardrop shape. 

 These next two pair of earrings I have had some fun with pendants that I have used two of added them onto ear wires and made a pair of earrings.  These are some of the easiest earrings to make. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

13 Jewelry Picks for 2013

These are my top 13 picks of my Jewelry for 2013 for you this year!
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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year Giveaway!!

January 1 - 14th

I am excited to say Miks Jewelry Shop is a part of this great giveaway (a credit for $25),
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Happy Holidays!
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