Friday, October 18, 2013


It wasn't until last year I realized what a great gift a lanyard would be for my kids teachers.  I used some stringing wire a lanyard hook and a large split ring with a silver bead and some crimp tubes with beads.  

1. Put lanyard hook over large split ring.  
2. Cut wire so there is enough length to pull over your head without having a clasp closure and string beads on. 
3. Slide ends of wire through split ring and fold wire over the split ring.  Make sure you have enough plain wire without beads on it that you can fold it over without having too much trouble hooking the wire on. 
Hold each end of the wire together and put on your silver bead that will cover your crimp bead closest to the beads side. 
4. Then slide on your crimp bead, fold over your wire so its on both sides of the split ring and put ends of wire into the crimp bead and crimp to fasten. 
5. Slide ends of wire into silver bead and cut off any excess wire as desired.  


I used two strands of 18" of beads which I got pretty cheap, I purchased the wire and silver beads from the craft store and the split rings and hooks from Walmart.

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