Thursday, July 17, 2014

You ARE Beautiful!!

I had the opportunity to have models wearing my jewelry!!  They are all important family and friends that helped me out including the photography by Maria Ison.  
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Just a couple pictures to share!!  





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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Water Party Obstacle Course

For my sons 9th party he wanted to do a water wars party.  I wasn't quite sure where to take that until I realized he really just wanted a party that involved water and having a water fight.  
I gathered a couple ideas for a fun obstacle course from pinterest etc. and adapted them to items I already had from home. Our first obstacle was carrying a bucket of water on our heads while we "walked the planks" and jumped over the alligator.

Our second water obstacle was that we needed to toss water balloons (which I filled up most before the  party)  into the water tubes.  I had to put boards over the water tubes so they wouldn't fly away. This didn't look cute or nice but nothing blew away.

Next I used an old slip n slide, folded it in half and staked it into the ground.  I used water noodles, a dollar at the dollar store with small dowels in the ends of each side.  The kids had to army crawl under them. 

Here I had 3 hula hoops from the dollar store and the kids had to jump one to another. 

Next was the hit of the party.  I used 13 bottles of $1 cans of shaving cream, again from the dollar store.  I filled up our small plastic pool and had put small bouncy balls in before the shaving cream and covered them.  The kids had to "dig" to find a bouncy ball.  They had swimming suits on so we were all good to get dirty. (I filled the pool up about 1 hr before the party and left it in the garage out of the sun, It kept it's shape and texture just fine.)

Next was the slip n slide......
After we finished the obstacle course we cleaned off the shaving cream with the hose.  And split the boys into two teams to have their water war.  I filled up lots and lots (about 300) water balloons way before the party probably 3-4 early which was too early.  The balloons kept popping in the buckets and just leaving water in them.  I would fill them up early again just not too early.
We also bought the water balloons and water guns from the dollar store.  The balloons worked great but I would buy easier to fill water guns next time.  The kids had a blast, it was a little more work than I thought it was going to be once I got started but it all turned out great. For goody bags we put in an inflatable beach ball, bubbles, empty water balloons, and a water gun.