Saturday, November 16, 2013

Fabric Christmas Ornaments: Tutorial

Supplies Needed:
Cardstock patterns - I cut some shapes with my Cricket machine but you could free hand it or use stencils. *The shapes with less details seemed to turn out better.
Fabric -  Pieces of fabric that fit your shapes, I folded my fabric pattern on the outside and traced and cut from the pattern.
Embroidery Floss - Any color you would like to use to accent your ornament.
Sewing Needle - A sewing needle that you can fit your floss into. I'm not sure what size it is.

Polyester Fill - For the stuffing I used this polyester fill I could easily put in. 
Buttons - Any size or shape or color of buttons you can add to your ornament.  I got a small tube of each of these at Michaels for a dollar.

Ribbon - Any kind of ribbon, I used 3/8 inch grosgrain and cut an 11 inch piece for each ornament. 

Sewing machine or you can hand stitch 
 1. Trace and cut out your patterns onto your fabric. Fold the fabric with the pattern facing outside on both sides.  Trace cardstock pattern right onto fabric with a pencil. Cut out shapes.  You should have two pieces of fabric, one for the back and the front. 
2. Fold ribbon at the ends and place between the two pieces of fabric.
3. Sew a straight stitch making sure you have the ribbon inserted between the fabric to ensure it will not be coming out. 
4. Finish sewing a straight stitch around the outside about a 1/4 inch away from the edge of the fabric. *Don't forget to leave about 3/4 of an inch open, where you will be filling the ornament with the stuffing.

5. Add a button with a small piece of embroidery floss.  I tied a knot at the end of my thread, put that on the underside of my button before I placed it on my ornament to hide it. and then went through the button to the other side 2 or three times. I wrapped the remaining thread around the backside of the button between the button and the fabric.  I am sure there are other ways to end and fasten this on.  This is just what I did.  
6. Fill your ornament with the amount of stuffing you desire.  

7. Take piece of your desired color of embroidery floss approx. 24 inches long to accent and close your ornament.  I went over my sewing machine straight stitch and did a pretty close stitch with my floss to ensure it would be closed up where it was open. 
Finished product!!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Cute! I love the sweet simple ornaments like this. Nice little tutorial, thanks for sharing!