Monday, June 23, 2014

Most Favorite Pieces

Have you ever heard of Styled by Tori Spelling?

Since I have started making jewelry over a year ago, I have stumbled upon this great ready to finish jewelry line by Tori Spelling.  I have always felt like so many of the pieces where made for me. I love them, my favorite is the boho line.  Well about the time I found and fell in love with the product line it became discontinued :( 
Today I have found where I can buy these pieces for a great price. I'm so excited!!  I wanted to share with you too, so check out my page and look through all 123 pictures in my Facebook album. Comment or message me, I can let you know a price. I PROMISE you will find something that you love. 


p.s. here are a few samples of what I love.
Silver Fringe Necklace Bottom
 Peach Filigree Earrings

 Bronze and Shell Earrings
Multi-Color Necklace Bottom

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