Thursday, April 14, 2016

DIY Hoop Earrings

Hoop Earrings Tutorial

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 1. Gather your supplies and tools needed.  I used round nose pliers, flat pliers, 2- 2 inch silver copper wire, 14 sterling silver 5mm beads (7 for each hoop), my 7mm jade beads 16 each (8 for each hoop), 2 small open jump rings, 2 fish hook ear wires.

 2. You will take your round nose pliers and start at the open end of the hoop and you will curl to the outside one side. Make sure you don't have a big enough space for the jump ring to slip out once fastened. Just keep curling over your hoop. 
 3. After you have done this thread your beads on as you like.  I alternated my jade and silver. You will then close the other end of the hoop as you did before. You will curl the end over with your round nose pliers. And it should look like this. 

4. You will then take one jump ring and open it, place it through the hole in the bottom of the fish hook ear wire.  
 5. As you hold onto the hoop, slide the open jump ring through the two curled ends of the hoop and close the jump ring with your flat pliers.  Close it enough so your jump ring won't allow much movement for the curled ends to turn the ring.  

6. You will then be finished with your first hoop and can move onto the next.  

Here is your completed pair of hoops!  

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