Thursday, April 11, 2013

Layered Tablecloth

Layered Tablecloth

I wanted to get or make a table cloth for my jewelry table when I do boutiques.  I wasn't exactly wanting to measure and be precise so I just went for it.  I got 1 piece of pink fabric with silver swirls on it 1 1/2  yards of this, And also 2 yards of silver poly satin.  

I didn't cut any edges off, I serged all the way around both pieces of fabric.  Using the cutting blade on my serger to cut off the edges of what needed to be cut. 

 Then I started on the shorter ends of the fabric folded over my seam just enough so it would stay under the sewing foot and did a straight stitch on the short ends of both pieces of fabric first.  Following I did the same for each of the long sides of fabric.

This is how my edges and corners turned out.  

So I did two separate pieces to layer on top of each other.  It will be able to be adjusted as needed but this was the easiest type of tablecloth I could imagine.  
 Super simple and easy!!

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