Saturday, April 6, 2013

Leibster Award!!

I am so excited to have been nominated for a Leibster Award - I have been nominated two times before but didn't do anything about it, I was very intimidated to figure out what I was supposed to do. I apologize for dropping the ball on that before, but am now ready to face what I need to to figure this thing out!  So thanks Plush Pink Allure for this nomination.

The Rules:
1. Anwer the 11 questions the blogger who nominated you asked.
2. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
3. Nominate 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
4. Create 11 questions for the nominees to answer. 

Questions from Plush Pink Allure: 

1. Where is your personal paradise? Nahele Road, Maui Hawaii, When I'm not there (which I've only visited once), I look at my picture!
2. When was the last time you were scared? I can't remember
3. Who do you think has the pipes-- Jennifer Hudson or Beyonce? Beyonce
4. Do you watch reality TV? If so, which is your can't miss show? Survivor
5. Did you used to have a MySpace? (Not judging, I had one too lol) Nope
6. Do you prefer real or acyrlic nails? For myself real, but I like the look of acrylic
7. Who would YOU cast as Anna and Christian in Fifty Shades of Grey? Didn't read it, don't know
8. What is your ideal way to relax? Sleeping or surfing the net
9. Love or money. Which would you choose? LOVE
10. Have you ever wanted to skydive? It's on my to do list, we'll see if it ever actually happens
11. How long have you known your best friend? 13 years, my hubby
11 Random Facts about Myself:
1. I and my 4 other siblings are all adopted from different places and families. 
2. I have lived in CA, TX, MI and UT. 
3. I love to run.
4. I eat chocolate first thing every morning I can!
5. I have run 2 full marathons, 26.2 miles. 
6. I grew up with Sheep. 
7. I love dill pickles. 
8. Mexican is my favorite food. 
9. I love feeling productive. 
10. I have naturally curly hair and have only grown to love it within the last few years. 
11. I started college in Rexburg, Idaho. 

My Nominees: CHECK THEM OUT!
1.  Heather at Belles Bazaar
2. Melanie at Keep It Simple and Fun
3. Tracy at Warratahs Handmade Items and Photography
4. Kara at The Padgett Family
5. Sarah at By The Porch Light
6. Jen at Our Happy Family
7. Roxanne at Always Dreaming
8. Kristen at 3 Monkeys Mommy
9. Chelsee at Southern Beauty Guide
10. The Ladies at Huckleberry Love
11. Stella Marie at Domestic Evolution

My Questions for you: 
1. Do you still live where you were born?
2. What is the thing you like to do the most?
3. What number of child are you?
4. What is your dream vacation?
5. Pets or no pets? 
6. Do you like your given name?
7. What is your favorite food?
8. Morning person or night owl?
9. Thing you've done most recently that you were most proud of?
10. Favorite color?
11. Describe your childhood in one word? 

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